New York Observer: Changing Horses

After backing Obama in 2008, the Observer’s editorial board endorses Romney for this election. A sober, thoughtful overview of the key issues facing voters this year.

Rather than reimagining government’s role in society and the economy by embracing the courageous alternatives proposed by the Simpson-Bowles commission two years ago, Mr. Obama turned to neo-New Deal policies. Rather than building creative partnerships with the private sector, the president chose to demonize the successful. Rather than strengthen the nation’s relationship with Israel as the Arab world imploded, Mr. Obama treated Jerusalem as less a friend than a burden.

It occurs to me that had the media exhibited even a semblance of balance this election season, the polls would show Romney with a double digit lead. Further, had the media done its job and actually vetted Obama in 2007 and 2008, Hillary Clinton would now be President, and we might be looking at a far different campaign today.

As it stands, I believe more and more voters are finally seeing – despite the best efforts of the mainstream press – that Chauncey Gardiner has no clothes. He never did.

Hopefully the realization has not come too late.