On this, as on most other issues these days, Republicans can’t seem to decide what they think. They have never been able to reconcile the arithmetic contradiction between their fervent desires for reducing taxes and reducing the federal deficit. While many embrace the idea of simplifying a complex and distortional tax code, they are unwilling to risk losing the political and financial support from the special business interests that have bought and paid for all those breaks. And while they are desperate to demonstrate that they can actually accomplish something, the are so blinded by their hatred of President Obama that they have convinced themselves the only way to win seats in the next election is to do nothing for the rest of the year that might distract attention from Obamacare. It’s all rather pathetic.

A worthwhile read for its discussion of the plan’s overall merits and how the political cat and mouse games being played by both parties are sadly suffocating any hopes for a deal. And a tax reform deal is crucially needed.

via A serious tax-reform plan and its discouraging reception – The Washington Post.