Here we see the influence of one set of unions that now has an important new ally in their quest to destroy the successful charter school system in New York.

On Thursday Mr. de Blasio went on a sympathetic radio station and couldn’t have been clearer about what is driving his actions. Charter schools may help the poor and those just starting out in America, they may give options to kids who’ve floundered elsewhere, but a lot of them are supported by rich people. There is a ‘strong private-sector element’ in their funding, he said. The mayor agreed with host Ebro Darden that ‘a lot’ of charter schools are funded by big business: ‘Oh yeah, a lot of them are funded by very wealthy Wall Street folks and others.’ When Mr. Darden and co-host Peter Rosenberg suggested that a ‘campaign’ to portray the mayor as anti-charter-school was also funded by big business, Mr. de Blasio, as the New York Post noted, didn’t disagree. ‘I think you’re providing a keen political analysis there.’

Are we so blinded by class envy that we want to kill programs aimed at helping provide quality education to disadvantaged families – simply because we hate those who are helping to fund them?

No. It’s more than that. It’s about doing the bidding of the teachers’ unions. Shameful.

I’d say the people of NYC got what they deserved when they elected this clown as mayor. Too bad the kids that are going to be thrown out of these schools didn’t get a vote.

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