These next several posts trace an interesting set of connections. Here we have the politicization of the IRS in the cause of stifling political speech in the run-up to the 2012 election.

Similarly, Issa asked about her statement in a September 2010 email to subordinates in which she directed them to begin “a c4 project” and warned them that “we need to be cautious so it isn’t a per se political project.” Lerner refused to explain why she was worried that the project could be viewed as political. Then Issa asked her about a February 2011 email in which she said “Tea Party Matter very dangerous.” Lerner refused to say either what the Tea Party “matter” was or why she viewed it as “dangerous.”

via Examiner Editorial: Lois Lerner stays silent to protect someone outside the IRS |

Critics on the left are up in arms over what they claim is the buying of elections by big money interests and corporations. The work of the IRS was a conspiracy to silence Tea Party groups during the last election cycle.