To say that poverty can be self-perpetuating is not to say, and Ryan did not say, that poverty is caused by irremediable attributes that are finally the fault of the poor. It is, however, to define the challenge, which is to acculturate those unacquainted with the culture of work to the disciplines and satisfactions of this culture.

I think I will let this be the final word on the poverty/race/culture issue – for now. Before leaving the topic, however, I think it important to connect the dots again.

Specifically, the Left want us to believe that they care about solving the issue of poverty while at the same time many of them seek to deny access to a meaningful education. The fight against voucher programs, New York’s and Chicago’s active efforts to kill successful inner city charter schools…let us be clear: this is about preserving the livelihoods of failing bureaucrats and unionized teachers; it’s not about breaking the cycle of poverty.

via George F. Will: The left’s half-century of denial over poverty – The Washington Post.