An August 2013 study from the non-partisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy reports that states and localities are allocating $50 billion a year to corporate tax incentives with $20 billion and counting going to major American sports teams since 1990 and that ‘despite the enormous expenditures being made on these programs, the evidence suggests that tax incentives are of little benefit to the states and localities that offer them, and that they are actually a drag on national economic growth.’

What I never understood is how some of the very same people decrying corporate welfare or “tax cuts for the rich,” are cheerleaders for such massive giveaways to the sports industry. Disappointing after so many years of holding the Twins at bay, that the politicians eventually caved (despite clear public opposition) and now here locally we’ve been taxed to build playgrounds for three of the four major sports teams in the last fifteen years.

via World gets wise to Olympics boondoggle while Atlanta soaks its citizens for a Braves stadium « Hot Air.