First, for those friends on the right who say that Eric Cantor is a sellout or insufficiently conservative, his track record speaks for itself. When he became majority leader of the House, the budget deficit was $1.4 trillion, and potentially headed to $2 trillion as the Left called for more ‘stimulus.’ It was the House Republicans who brought that spending and borrowing binge to a screeching halt. The deficit is now $400 billion, a $1 trillion improvement.

Federal spending has fallen over the three years Mr. Cantor has been the House leader. That’s the first time it’s dropped since the 1950s.

Here’s the point: No one on Capitol Hill is singularly more responsible for that remarkable improvement than Eric Cantor. Sure, we need far more spending cuts, but it was Mr. Cantor who was the lead negotiator for the Republicans and went face-to-face in those fierce negotiations with Barack Obama and Senate majority leader Harry Reid. He also was a key leadership voice in repelling major tax hikes sought by Obama.

It seems to me the problem with Cantor was his naked ambition, failure to stay connected with his constituents, and a clear record of flim-flammery on the immigration topic. Still, Moore’s reminders of the congressman’s manning the barricades against an even worse fiscal deal are well taken.

via The Underappreciated Eric Cantor | National Review Online.