Both the House and the Senate bills appear to recognize this, allowing veterans to seek outside health care at VA expense if they experience long wait times for appointments or if they live more than 40 miles from a VA hospital or clinic. But both bills leave the ultimate decision about which veterans can go outside the VA system to VA administrators. Thus, the same bureaucrats responsible for the current waiting lists and other problems will be in charge of deciding when and if veterans should be given a choice.

…the VA’s problem has never been a lack of money. In fact, the VA spent $57 billion on health care last year, up 76 percent since 2007, while the number of unique patients increased by just 9 percent. If spending is increasing more than eight times as fast as the number of patients, but you still have delays and shortages, throwing still more money at the program might not be the solution.

via Congress Wants to Double Down on VA Failures | Cato Institute.