Now the new entrants in the climate policy derby: Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson. Impressive is the fanfare greeting the former Treasury secretaries and their splashy, economically focused climate lobby, the “Risky Business Project.” Unfortunately, they trod a well-worn path by trying to scare the American people into compliance.

Their emphasis on “extreme weather” is an especially tired piece of foolishness. Whatever the human impact on climate, the overwhelming reason storms are becoming more destructive is the simple fact that more people and property stand in their way.

Their unnaturally specific forecasts of rising sea levels and heat waves are based on the same speculative climate models that do such a poor job of explaining even the present and recent past—and whose limits the report doesnt even mention in a footnote. The principals clearly want their assertions about the future to be taken as facts, not as extrapolations from simulations whose credibility they are wholly unprepared to defend.

Their assertion that the U.S. can shame China and India into giving up carbon energy is no more plausible in their mouths than in anybody elses.

via Holman Jenkins: Birth of a Climate Mafia – WSJ.