What’s really driving this whole ‘consensus’ claim, if not science? The John Oliver video came to me by way of an item in the leftist Daily Kos newsletter, which gives us our answer.

The author repeatedly exults in his confidence that ‘John Oliver’s mockery will ‘dissuade’ media organizations from portraying [a] false balance’ between global warming believers and skeptics. He then goes on at length about the power of ‘open mockery and derision,’ the idea that ‘just by watching a video like this and hearing an entire audience derisive[ly] ridicule climate-denialism,’ skeptics will be induced to go along with the consensus. He fantasizes about the day when ‘every one you talk to will laugh [about] the old days when ‘those’ science deniers used to be so silly.’ You know what this is? This is high school. It’s not your high school science class, but the high school of cliques, snubbing, ostracism, and mockery as an all-powerful weapon.

Now we can fully understand the contemporary phenomenon of the satirical fake news show—Jon Stewart, John Oliver, and the rest—and why it’s so popular on the left. These shows are created by and for people who never really graduated from high school, the ones who wanted to be part of the clique and to ostracize those who didn’t fit in. These guys weren’t the kind of bullies who beat you up outside the girls’ locker room. John Oliver looks more like the type who was beaten up. Instead, they’re the kind who rose in the clique through mockery and humiliation directed at their rivals.

Think of them as the “mean girls” of global warming.

I find Stewart occasionally entertaining, and have found some of his interviews to be far more incisive and probing than what the MSM have delivered.

The larger point, though, is worthwhile. A trumped up “consensus,” supported by massaged data, and furthered by the active conspiracy to cow and suppress those who suggest the models don’t work, and that the science is not conclusive.

via The Mean Girls of Global Warming.