I tell you what…it’s becoming increasingly hard to come to terms with being a fan of American football, especially the NFL. This Ray Rice news is by far the most disturbing, and just totally damning. How is this man still employed? How did he avoid jail time?

But there’s so much more. The rampant violence. The indisputable science that shows the cumulative effect of repeated impacts to the head. The over-the-top commercialism. The political graft at both the Federal and local level: the NFL is a “non-profit??!” The taxpayer funded giveaways to billionaire owners and millionaire players.

And, this is really a minor point, the most minor by far when placed beside this video today, still, if you step back and objectively think about it, NFL football is almost unwatchable. About seventeen minutes of live action spread over three hours plus of commercials and insipid commentary.

I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m quitting the game cold-turkey, but I’m definitely going to be wasting far less time as a receptacle for everything the league is selling. And if they don’t come across with something far more serious as a punishment for Rice – TODAY – then I will keep the set off.