The education-reform community has convinced us that closing the achievement gap by any means necessary is a worthy, final end. No. Education is just one path toward a stronger community. Indiscriminately firing the members of a community, or making it hassle-free to do so, is no way to improve it. It is simply false that ‘failing schools are employment offices that keep thousands of failing teachers and staff employed.’ Schools are not supposed to improve in spite of the community; they’re supposed to build the strength of a community. Schools should develop minds, train future workers and enrich communities through employment opportunities for its members. Great schools excel at all three. But Vergara copycats would create fewer jobs for blacks, not more. Black communities would lose effective teachers. Further, black children rely on a strong black middle class — their parents. When we fire black teachers, we hurt black families and communities.

I read this a couple weeks ago and wanted to share the link, because it contains such objectionable thinking. If we are to have public education, then we must make sure that the children receive a fine education. Those entrusted to this task who have proven themselves incapable of the job, regardless of race – REGARDLESS OF RACE – must be sacked. Schools are for the children and for the more productive and harmonious society that results from a well-educated population – in every community. Scroll down to the comments for more. via The attack on bad teacher tenure laws is actually an attack on black professionals – The Washington Post.