While the agency continues to blame ‘computer crashes’ for the now more than 20 people whose emails are ‘missing,’ no IRS official has yet to identify when or how each computer crashed—much less why. We know Lois Lerner’s hard drive, which was ‘scratched’ only a matter of days after receiving a letter from Congress requesting her emails. The IRS then destroyed it. The IRS followed a year later with the destruction of her unimpaired Blackberry containing emails for the same period. As we reported first, it made no effort whatsoever to obtain information from the Blackberry—despite being well into the Congressional inquiry. That is obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence—worse than the conduct for which Leslie Caldwell, now head of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, destroyed Arthur Andersen LLP and its 85,000 jobs.

Perhaps with GOP control (one can hope at least, can one not?) of the Senate, a special counsel may be appointed to fully prosecute the case. The press have disgraced themselves, again, by totally rolling over for their progressive friends in the White House. These are high crimes.

via Will Orange be the New Black for IRS Chief Lois Lerner? | New York Observer.