I’m all for the purity of the game when we can knock it about like angels wearing crystal boots made from unicorn tears, but this team is a long, long way from that right now, so we need to do what others team do in situations like those. Stop the goal, worry about the consequences afterwards. That’s something that should run through the team, you don’t necessarily need a defensively-minded midfielder to do it although it wouldn’t hurt.

Got a chance to watch the match on 36 hour delay tonight. I fancy myself a Dortmund supporter to the extent I can follow the Bundesliga here in the States, and they were damned impressive. The atmosphere on their home ground is unmatched.

Still, I’m an Arsenal man, and this was a thorough demolition. Dortmund carried a fair number of injuries in to this match, and yet their quality and – most crucially – fitness was best in class. Wenger’s transfer window failures seemed fully exposed.

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