Got the iPhone6 Monday. I like the slightly larger screen, the new camera has been impressive to me, and it’s quicker running my Apps.

However, the device will NOT sync with iTunes. One of the reasons I upgraded was to move from 16GB to 64GB. I have 20,000 files in iTunes, and I wanted access to a LOT more of my music.

Traded in what appeared to be a lemon phone for a new one yesterday. Same issue today. Not syncing. Hours on the phone with Apple tech support has not resolved.

I’m a long-time fan of the Apple experience and a shareholder. This is a low for the company in my opinion. A quick check online last night showed that others are having the same issue.

Apple was clearly not ready for launch here. I am running the latest OS on the latest Mac with their newest iPhone and the latest iOS. Apple products, when behaving as expected, are simply supposed to WORK.

This has not been the case here. TOTAL FAIL.