On the tax itself, again I think we have to look to see what are the pluses and the minuses, that are embodied in a decision about either to remove or alter or continue this particular piece of the Affordable Care Act and I’ve in preparation for coming here, I’ve obviously looked at the arguments on both sides for more information and I think we’ll gather more information and that will perhaps give us a better path forward.

But I guess my overall point and it goes to your question is we are on the cusp of another great economic era. What’s happening with oil and gas in our country is unprecedented, or at least not since 40 or 50 years ago, have we had the capacity to be a major exporter of both oil and gas with all the advantages that will give us, what’s happening or could happen with clean energy, we’ll put people to work, we’ll provide all kinds of new economic activity, if we got serious about infrastructure, again we could help employ more people, we have the kind of economic advancements that go along with improved infrastructure, on and on, so I just think we have to get out of the ideological wars that either we can’t change anything or we have to change everything, and begin to be smart and pragmatic problem solvers again, and I think that goes to your point. I don’t know what the right answer about the tax is.

What a statesman. What a leader.

via Hillary Clinton spews gibberish, again – The Washington Post.