When she got Keenan into a private school thanks to his voucher, they found the seventh grader reading and doing math at about a third-grade level. His public school had put his math and reading ability at an eighth-grade level. As for what they teach, Kena is no fool. She knows when instruction is weak: ‘It’s time for people to stop being lethargic that are in these offices and districts. You’re not teaching cursive writing any more? Why not? You’re not teaching English, it’s just language arts? You’re not teaching verbs and nouns any more, and breaking it down? There’s no need for multiplication tables any more? My dad gave me the speech on that: if you’re at a cash register and your register breaks down, are you going to stand there and stare at them? That’s making kids lazy. They need to keep their mind active on things that are important and necessary. The priorities are all jacked up, oh my goodness.’

Obama allowed the successful voucher program in D.C. to die while his daughters attended exclusive private school in the District. The teachers unions and the Democrat Party are conspiring to abandon innocent children in failed schools; most of what are considered to be successful public schools fall far short of providing the comprehensive education required for success in life.

via How Republicans Like Thom Tillis Should Handle Education Attacks.