Interestingly, the article doesn’t explain what makes the Dutch system so superior to its American counterpart, but the phrase ‘each generation should pay its own costs’ is a big hint. That basically means the system is not based on inter-generational redistribution, which is a core feature of pay-as-you-go schemes such as America’s bankrupt Social Security system.

That’s important, but what’s really key is that the Dutch system is based on private savings and private investment.

There was a moment, after the 2004 elections, where Bush tried to address this issue. Congressional Republicans abandoned principle and their president at the first signs of a fight. Opportunity lost.

Contrast that to Obamacare. More than half the country was clearly aligned against this scheme, and the Left closed ranks, shoved it down our throats.

Remember – the enemy is ruthless.

via The NYT Accidentally Admits Privatized Social Security Is Better.