We are ‘constrained’ as much by the law of supply and demand as by the law of gravitation. Which explains why so much of the left’s concept of ‘liberation’ consists of demands that we be able to ignore basic facts of life, from the differences between men and women to the necessity of working to produce the goods we need. Heck, the left even sweats the small stuff, finding oppression in everyday constraints such as the need to cook a meal.

I could point out that there is a connection here, that the more they try to free themselves from the constraints of reality, the more they become dependent on other people. Their ‘freedom’ to live without working necessarily means somebody else’s obligation to work without getting paid. This is what drives the paradox of modern liberalism: their ‘freedom’ requires them to coerce everyone else. That just underscores how opposite these two concepts of freedom are: the more one expands, the more the other contracts. Yet Levin conflates the two.

via The Virtue of Liberty: A Response to Yuval Levin.