There are other changes. Two years ago, when he early voted in Chicago for his reelection, President Obama was happy to show the required photo ID. But people voting early this year will no longer have to show an ID. Voters will also be able to register to vote and cast a ballot on Election Day — what is known as same-day registration. That lax system has led to frequent reports of fraud and abuse in neighboring Wisconsin, richly detailed in a 68-page 2008 Milwaukee Police report.

Chicago newspapers are already reporting cases of early voters casting ballots for Republicans on Cook County’s touch-screen machines, only to have the machines switch their votes to the Democrat opponent.

Democratic governor Quinn signed the changes into law after the Democratic legislature rammed them through on the second-to-last day of this year s session. Despite his claim that the new law is all about “removing barriers to vote” the same-day registration and expanded early voting hours apply only to the November election. They then mysteriously expire. Or perhaps not so mysteriously. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, under siege from minority and liberal opponents of his tenure, was said to worry that expanded voting opportunities would benefit a challenger seeking to oust him in the spring 2015 election. So the new voting rules had to go, after they presumably serve their purpose in rescuing the unpopular Governor Quinn from defeat.

All of the false accusations about “suppressing minority votes” and the like are about changing the subject, as are almost all of the leftist accusations of racism. 

The leftists want to leave all possible avenues open that might facilitate vote fraud. In close elections even a few hundred fraudulent votes can make a difference. Senator Al Franken has vote fraud to thank for his seat, and Norm Coleman did a huge disservice to the citizens of Minnesota by not pursuing this fraud.

Early voting and mail-in ballots are invitations to fraud. If you want to exercise the franchise, you should have to show up at your polling place, on Election Day, affirmatively establish your identity and eligibility, and maybe bother to INFORM yourselves before you can cast a ballot.

via Obama Endorses ‘Chicago Way’ of Voting—Making the Rules Up As You Go | National Review Online.