Teachers unions this election provided an object lesson in how to lie with statistics by lambasting school reformers across the country for ‘cutting’ education spending. According to one ad, Mr. Brownback signed the ‘largest single cut to education in Kansas history.’ Florida Gov. Rick Scott stood accused of taking a $1.3 billion sledgehammer to schools, and Mr. Snyder of slashing $1 billion from education.

Yet in Kansas, total per pupil spending has increased to $12,960 from $12,283 since Mr. Brownback was elected in 2010, despite a $412 per pupil decline in federal aid. Mr. Snyder has increased education spending by $660 per student over his four-year tenure, while Mr. Scott has increased annual state funding for schools by 20%—nearly $2 billion—over the past four years.

Never forget – the teachers unions are about protecting failed teachers; student outcomes be damned.

via Allysia Finley: Teachers Unions Flunked Their Midterms – WSJ – WSJ.