…Mitch McConnell is not a seven year old; he’s an adult, and he just won an election in which voters repudiated Obama and his party. Temporarily, I am sure, but just the same: As someone once said, “Elections have consequences.”  McConnell is not  the proverbial Tea Party extremist who won’t negotiate; he’s an establishment guy, known as a strategist and a tactician, not an ideologue which is why the Tea Party isn’t that fond of him.  In short, he’s someone who can make deals.  Responding to McConnell’s rather gracious remarks about finding common goals by announcing that you know what the American public wants, and you’re going to give it to them no matter what their elected representatives say, seems curiously brash.  It might chill the atmosphere today when he sits down with congressional leaders.

via Does Obama Even Know How to Negotiate? – Bloomberg View.