You don’t have to be a member of the press to know that David Koch is a comparatively strict libertarian. He supports the legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, American retrenchment from the Middle East, and relatively unconstrained access to both contraception and many forms of abortion. He has also suggested that Congress should pursue a balanced budget by considering both cuts to the Defense Department and targeted tax hikes.

‘The fact that Koch holds these very un-Republican views… really isn’t news,’ Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell wrote:

‘Koch is a board-member for the Reason Foundation (which publishes Reason magazine) and the Cato Institute. Both groups have long been vocal supporters of gay rights, drug legalization, civil liberties, non-interventionist foreign policy; and vocal opponents of things like police abuse, executive overreach, and excessive government spending on all things including the GOP’s sacred-cow military. Heck, the demonized brothers reportedly once gave $10 million each to the American Civil Liberties Union to fight the PATRIOT Act.’

‘In fact, in some ways it is arguable that these Koch-funded organizations have done more for many so-called ‘progressive’ causes than progressives themselves. Koch funding has helped produce countless writers who have blown the lid off rampant police abuse, exposed horrific injustices from the War on Drugs, and repeatedly criticized the foreign policy blunders of both Republican and Democratic administrations.’

Koch’s libertarianism apparently vexed Walters.

via All Barbara Walters knows about the Kochs is what Harry Reid says about them « Hot Air.