Not only does the Democrat myth that Republican donors buy elections fall apart under deeper scrutiny, but so does the idea that money correlates to successful outcomes in elections, period. Donors who gave $1 million or more sent 60 cents of every dollar to left-leaning organizations, yet Democrats still got their hats handed to them at the polls.

Yes, right-leaning groups like the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity raise millions of dollars without having to abide by the same disclosure rules as overtly political groups. But voters did not throw out Democrats during the midterm elections because they saw ads from Americans for Prosperity. No, voters rejected Democrats because they doubted the competence and honesty of an unpopular president.

(Since so much ire is consistently directed at the Koch brothers, it should be pointed out that the $4.6 million they personally gave to Republicans and conservatives pales in comparison to the $74 million that billionaire hedge fund operator and Keystone XL pipeline opponent Tom Steyer singlehandedly gave to liberals and Democrats. But we digress.)

via EDITORIAL: Money buys elections? Democrats outraise GOP, get shellacked | Las Vegas Review-Journal.