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‘If you look at his Expected Goals when [Ramsey] is in a central position, it is among the best in the Premier League,’ Wenger said.

Expected Goals is a term seeping into football’s lexicon. It is among the most sophisticated measures developed by a new generation of performance analysts. It quantifies, essentially, how many high-quality chances a player or team has produced in a given game.

That Wenger is taking it into consideration as a factor in selecting his side provides proof, too, that the man responsible for kick-starting the greatest culture shift that English football has known stands, once more, as midwife to the future. Just as he changed the way the Barclays Premier League thought about nutrition, tactics and recruitment in the 1990s, the Frenchman could be about to change the way England’s elite think about data.

Source: Bespoke data gives Arsène Wenger a tactical edge at Arsenal | The Times