“The great middle of this country is libertarian. Most people are fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” he said, adding later, “Our military interventions are having the unintended consequences of making things worse, not better.” Johnson rushed to reject the notion that libertarians are isolationists, saying, “When we are attacked, we’ll attack back. I reject the notion that libertarians are isolationists.” But in a move that draws a distinction between Hillary Clinton, who seems uninterested in the question, and Donald Trump, who seems to have never read the Constitution, Johnson also insisted: “Let’s involve Congress in declarations of war.”

There was this notable exchange:

Todd: What is the role of government in your view?

Johnson: Less government. Smaller government. Government tries to do too many things.

When asked to define what is government should do, Johnson replied, “Protect us against individuals, corporations, brutes, foreign governments.” He added, “I think we should provide a safety net, I just think we’ve gone way over the line in defining need. If we don’t reform Medicaid and Medicare, we’re going to find ourselves unable to provide that.”

Source: Gary Johnson on Meet The Press: “All This Talk About 3rd Parties? Well, I’m It” – Hit & Run : Reason.com