I’m back, and this sums up how I feel about our politics, and this thoroughly depressing presidential cycle. It’s looking as if I’ll be voting Libertarian this year, with a clear conscience.

“Eighty percent of Americans also believe that an alliance of politicians, media pundits, lobbyists, and interest groups runs the country for their own gain at the expense of the American people.  Is it any wonder that only one in four citizens of our country believe that politicians care about people like them or that almost two-thirds believe that the old way of doing things no longer works and that we need radical change.

With her baggage of scandals, deep questions about her honesty and her positioning as the candidate of her party’s elite, Hillary Clinton clearly is not the “change” candidate they are seeking. Millions of Americans, who would like to see a woman elevated to the highest office in the land, are saddened that they don’t have a less damaged candidate for their aspirations. For many voters a 74-year-old socialist who is anti-establishment and attacks a rigged and corrupt system is the alternative.

For millions more, Donald Trump is the answer. A candidate who rhetorically wants to blow up the entire system — in their minds he is the ultimate protest vote, someone who will take control from the Washington elite and put America back on the right path. For others, who are caught in the economic trap of declining real wages, dwindling retirement savings, and lost opportunity, Trump represents a lottery ticket – the chance, albeit a small one, that the future will be brighter.

But for legions of other voters, including a high percentage of Republicans, Donald Trump’s election is not the answer.  For these voters Trump is a deeply flawed vessel for their frustrations and lacking the temperament to be president.  These voters see Trump as someone whose reaction is to strike back at any criticism, has a tendency to ignore facts and logic, has no philosophical center, and has misogynistic tendencies and a whole list of other flaws that make him ill-prepared to lead our country.”

Source: Why a Real Independent Candidate Is Urgently Needed | RealClearPolitics