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johnson-weldThe “you’re throwing away your vote argument” does not wash with me. The two party system has reached the end game of failure. When you are left with a “choice” between a clownish strongman or a hustling, perjuring, piece of trash…and his wife: a loose carbon copy of the original but without any actual accomplishment or the ability to semi-convincingly fake sincerity…

…that’s not a choice. The party machines expect you to fall into line and blindly vote the way you’ve been trained, and then to fall asleep for four more years whilst they continue with the dismantlement of our republic.

I say no. If enough of us wake up, on both sides of the idealogical divide, there is an actual, and noble, third way. You want to be treated with dignity, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation? You want the freedom to follow your own path, to rise based on your talent and effort? You want your kids to have the opportunity to go to a school that actually educates, regardless of your socioeconomic circumstance? You want smart choices in how or when we use force in the world? A rational approach to immigration?

You want someone managing the ship of state who’s actually been on a yacht before, or someone who says we’ll make the Mexicans build us a byootaful boat? Or do you want someone who gave away the plans to the only boat she ever piloted, ran it aground, blamed the casualties on a YouTube video, and then had a sandwich?

The “choice” is really not that hard, it’s just not the choice you’ve been trained to make.

I’m beating this drum repeatedly. Because I think it’s important. I think we need a most impressive Johnson in the White House. Gary’s Johnson.