As with “Ful Stop”, you get the sense that other songs also serve a utilitarian function. The King of Limbs closer, “Separator”, for example, was the last tune Radiohead released before Pool, and its lyrics prophesied Yorke’s eventual separation with his partner. Back in another daydream, Yorke sings, “And as that woman blows her cover, in the eye of the beholder, I’m a fish now out of water.”

Placed halfway through the set and prefacing the rock of “Planet Telex” it’s lyrics take on a new meaning still. “And if you think this is over then you’re wrong.”

The deeper sense of wonder here comes not just from watching a band in flux, unsure of where they’ll go next, but one that’s confident they’ll get there nonetheless. Yorke’s at the point in his career where his vast back-catalog chronicling technological malaise and modern alienation illuminates his current place in the universe, and it shows.

Source: Radiohead Transformed Madison Square Garden Into A Moon Shaped Pool | | Observer