When the current President, a man with no governing experience. A man known to have associated with Anti-American radicals such as Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. A man who’s only evident “skills” were giving content free teleprompter speeches and a highly developed sense of self importance…
When this man was twice elected President, I strongly disagreed with the choice, and over these long eight years I’ve spoken up forcefully in opposition to bad policy and actions which I believe violated the Constitutional separation of powers. 

What I did not do was throw tantrums, act to shut down highways and businesses, vilify and/or seek to destroy those that voted for the man. I didn’t call him illegitimate. 

As I think you know, I never supported the President Elect. However, I have to say that the meltdown on the Left, in the press, among “entertainment culture,” and the professional protesting class, including those I’ve just been warned will seek to shut down parts of our Twin Cities on Inauguration Day, has filled me with disgust. 

Trump voters, who include citizens that previously voted for Obama, twice, have been labeled racists, idiots, illegitimate. As a class of people making up nearly half the electorate. That’s how they’re being cast. Disgusting to me. And so very small. 

I look at this behaviour. This tantrum. And I’m filled with revulsion. It’s not the course of action one takes when you are confident in your ideals, when you can engage in informed debate. 

But that’s not what we get today. We get demands that people stay away from the inauguration upon pain of professional and/or political ruin. We get sitting congressmen calling the lawfully elected president illegitimate, and planning to boycott the peaceful transfer of power. We get groups organizing efforts to disrupt the ceremony in Washington and wreak havoc across the country. Stay classy. In the meantime you’ve sparked in me feelings of sadness at how broken we are and sympathy that I did not previously feel for the new administration and those that voted for it. 

I look at the people Trump has nominated for key Cabinet positions: accomplished professionals from a variety of fields and backgrounds. Philanthropists. People who are of the real world, where value has to be assessed and created, instead of levered through political maneuvering. My hope is that these accomplished people can help to moderate and rein in the incoming President’s worst impulses, and I wish them all well in reducing the intrusiveness of government, in helping to create the conditions that will foster better economic outcomes for everybody, and in working toward a more perfect Union. 

I didn’t vote for the man, but I’m hoping he can outperform my expectations, and in the meantime I’m going to work. I’m living my life. I’m valuing my friendships and family. Not seeking to destroy because I didn’t get my way. 

Know that these feelings and my need to express my opinions are sparked by the general sense of mood that’s taken hold across the country since election day, as I’ve observed it. My thoughts are not directed at any one person or persons in my social circles. I know and respect that I have a great many friends whose politics are different than mine. I’m happy to engage in discussion if our differences, but for the most part if rather focus on our common ground. 

And I do not doubt that had Trump lost there might very well have been ugly protests from a different set of citizens. I’m simply past being able to keep quiet. 
To the protestors, the press, the boycotters:  Your highly flawed candidate lost to the other highly flawed candidate. Get over it already. You want to fight? Make a rational argument. Put forth candidates not steeped in corruption, and act to elect them. Otherwise, get the hell out of the way.